Focus: 2017 Word of the Year

2017 Word of the YearI’m focusing on focus for my 2017 word of the year. I’ve been a goal oriented girl this decade, over the last seven years I’ve worked on:

  • Being enough
  • Being happy
  • Staying determined
  • Nurturing myself
  • Determining my direction
  • Making progress.

I always want to improve myself, but I try to squeeze in more than time will allow. I’m interested in so many things that I spread myself too thin and don’t excel at any of them. Working full-time adds to my frustration of trying to do it all. Too often I’m living to work, instead of the other way around. When I get overwhelmed, I shut down. I know I need to connect with family and friends, but I don’t have the energy. I escape to social media – Facebook, Instagram, and my favorite, Pinterest. Instead of developing my own interests and following my own dreams, I’d lose hours looking at posts from the cool people who seem to have it all together.

I actually decided to make focus my word of the year mid-December while developing this year’s goals. I limited them and focused on a few specific areas. One area I reevaluated was my month in review. I like the month in review, but I put days into researching and reporting on things that aren’t interesting to other people. More importantly, I wasn’t writing about what really interests me. I’ll continue with just a quick overview of the fun highlights and less statistics. My goal is to have more meaningful content with my limited time.


I’m focusing on one business idea, instead of many. And I’ll continue to evaluate the “shoulds” in my life. I should catch up on my scrapbooks, I should clean, I should call this person that I don’t really want to talk to. There are a lot of great things I should be doing, but I can’t do them all, at least not right now. I can only fit in what I can fit in.

Being focused is about being intentional with my time, energy and money. This year, I want to improve my quality of life by focusing on the things that bring the most joy and satisfaction. I want to spend as little time as possible feeling like I’m plodding through the mud. Even when life is challenging, there are beautiful vistas to behold and grand experiences to enjoy along the way. It’s not about being selfish, but about remembering life is meant to be a joyful journey.

Share in the comments if you chose a word for 2017. I’d love to hear what yours!

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